BBC online services will be free via The Cloud Wi-Fi network

The BBC are to offer their online service for free through The Cloud Wi-Fi network. This follows an annoucement that from O2 that the iPhone will be given free usage of the same hotspots, although the highly unclear “fair usage” policy applies to the iPhone.

The BBC also confirmed that Mac users will be able to use its iPlayer TV catch-up service from the end of the year. Interestingly though, the official annoucement added that “The broadcaster has signed a deal with Adobe to provide Flash video for the whole of the BBC’s video services, including a streaming version of its iPlayer.”

So hopefully that’s a final goodbye to Microsoft DRM and the wobbly RealPlayer technology. As Flash Player adds new codecs and keeps improving quality surely a cross-platform solution was the only way to go.

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Leopard’s Time Machine explained via a quantum physics metaphor. It’s complex.

Time Machine

Time Machine is the backup software which will ship with Apple’s new Leopard operating system. I was one of the people who was pretty underwhelmed when it was released as a major new feature. Yeah.. it’s a backup?!

Well done. I stumbled across this article today, giving me a new found respect for the engineers and programmers who made this feature a reality.

Appleinsider has written a fascinating 4-page article about the history of back-up, and exactly what Time Machine aims to do.